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Playing the World’s Smallest Violin for a Troll

I have a persistent troll who also trolls all sorts of feminist blogs with his anti-abortion crap. I’ve deleted all his comments and marked his IP as a spam address – it took him a few days to figure out he should change that IP and so I now masrked that as spam too. his latest comments (which I see in the spam filter) have become increasingly whiny. Oh noes! I won’t let him talk! The world must be coming to an end, you know, when a lowly non-penised person can refuse to let a man have his say!

Anyway, he commonly goes under the handle “aus blog” but changes it a lot to try to get past my filter (doesn’t work). His email is and his IPs are: and
I wrote him a “sympathetic” note. Heh heh.


Martha zenklová

Name: Martha zenklová
Blogger profile:
Crime: Tasteless misogynist (DV-related) ‘joke’ on A Speakout on Male Sexual Violence.

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