Martha zenklová (aka Booboo) – yet again

Name: “Martha zenklová” (aka Booboo)
Blogger profile:
IP: (a US company;

As reported in October, tasteless misogynist jokes.

Add to that misogyny of the greatest magnitude
Hatred of feminists, particularly radical feminists
Extreme racism
Ignorance, stupidity, lying, embarassment to rest of human race

Whilst I would not normally promote looking at the blog of such a vile piece of scum to walk the face of the earth, in this case I recommend that you do, to see the racism and misogyny for yourself. (paste this in –– after the http://). The blog title is Liberal Dyke Hags Suck.

It appears that Mz is Booboo, as self reported in this post:

Trollbuster recommends:
Visit the site (but do NOT leave comments so that he cannot track you back), and report the blog to Blogger as racist (they will at least act on racism rather than misogyny).

Also see:
Blogger help – Flag as objectionable
Contact Blogger Support (to specifically complain about the racist/sexist content)


2 comments so far

  1. engtech on

    This IP address has been leaving messages that my wordpress blog is about to be defaced.

    HACKER | | | IP:

    Y0ur \/\/0rdPr355 500n \/\/1|| b3 d3ph4c3d!

  2. engtech on

    I’ve looked into it some more, and seems to be some kind of gateway/proxy as a lot of people use it.

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