Has all now been revealed? JackGoff

UPDATETrollbuster now rescinds the assumption that JackGoff is the troll known as martha/booboo. Please accept Trollbuster’s apology. Trollbuster was satisfied with various pieces of evidence (at least neutralising the original assumption). Trollbuster will leave the original post, primarily as a warning that these trolls are impersonating feminists and pro-feminists, and advise all blog owners to raise security on their blogs.

Additional update – Martha/BooBoo has an additional identity: “Marian”
marian | maria@hotmail.com | md1992.blogspot.com | IP:

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jack | jackgoff@aol.com | jackgoff.blogspot.com | IP:

Supposedly a pro-feminist, JackGoff is also pro-porn (or anti-censorship or whatever), and doesn’t like radical feminists – well, he’s not very nice to them – here’s one comment he made to a radfem:

Sexual = Sexist. Gotcha. Now, go to hell.

  • pandagon.net/2006/10/05/well-the-worm-can-was-just-sitting-there-next-to-the-can-opener#comment-212670

Two troll comments came into the Speakout Against Male Violence blog. Normally I wouldn’t publish the words, but my reasons are twofold. The first reason is show a typical example of the standard of troll comments (try not to be intimidated by the ‘superior’ intellect).

I like my women the way I like my chicken….battered. And even better yet…beer battered!!!hahahahahfucking dyke hag bitches. GO TO HELL!!!!

  • Dec 7, 6:16 AM [Speakout blog: Policeman Jailed for Sex with 14yo, unpublished]


  • Dec 7, 6:18 AM [Speakout blog: Troll policy, unpublished]

In the first comment, it is an almost identical comment, left on the same blog by “Martha” in October:

I like my women the same way I like my chicken…battered!! And beer battered are the best!!!!

The only difference between Martha’s post and Jack’s is the additional “Go to hell” sentiment at conclusion. As we have seen, JackGoff likes to hurl this instruction at radfems. (This was the second reason I published the comments.)

So, it appears that the mystery is somewhat solved – Martha = Martha Zenklova = BooBoo = JackGoff.

Note that Martha’s initial tasteless joke was NEVER published (either here or at the Speakout blog).

See also Trollbuster’s posts: “martha zenklova” “martha zenklova (aka booboo)” and “booboo


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  1. Laurelin on

    Hi Trollbuster, I think that Martha is using JackGoff’s email and addy to attempt to begin a blogwar, but I don’t think they’re the same person. I’ve just emailed you in more detail about this.

  2. jackgoff on

    I am not booboo. Or Martha. I can supply you with my actual email address. I understand that I may not agree with you on certain aspects, but rest assured, what ever “martha” has said, it is not part of my belief system.

    Booboo and Martha are angree with me due to the fact that I deleted one of “their” posts. Since that point, they have blogged as me on numerous occasions. I am sorry for this, but it is not my fault.m Again, if you will email me at [email address removed by Trollbuster], I will email you my real password, and we can resolve this. I hope.

    Again, anything that is posted under “martha” or “booboo” or myself without reference to my email address is not me. I am sorry that booboo has infected other sites. Please, do not paint me with the same brush because I have disagreed with you on certain things in the past. I am personally anti-porn-industry (for one) and I am anti-porn, more anti-porn than most of the people around me. I do not support the porn industry and I believe it to be evil.

    If I seem to be rambling, I’m sorry. I am not anti-female equality. Trust me on that, (which I also know is bulshit, but what else do I have?) I have a slight disagreement with radical feminism on whether pornography can be okay in certain instances. I do not believe that female inequality can ever be ok. I know that we can discuss porn on the basis of female inequality, and I will happily oblige, but in my own situation, I believe that porn can be created within a sphere of equality. Does this mean egalitarian porn is the holy grail of porn? I’m unsure and I will never say it is without legitimate proof.

    I am sorry for my vitriol in the past, but, in closing, booboo and sundry are not me, and I will prove it to whoever wants to know.

  3. jackgoff on

    I will email you my real password

    I meant that “my password” = “My real email address”

  4. jackgoff on

    Ok, to reiterate, I, at the time, was responding in hostility to delphyne who had told me and my girlfriend that our sexual relationship was “sexist” and the we should not have the relationship we had because it included pornography. This, to me at the time, as well as my SO, meant the delphyne was trying to belittle our relationship by saying that it wasn’t up to her standards. This was the source of the “go to hell” commetn, which is a common phrase, though I will admit the original usage was unwarranted. In a word, I am sorry felphyne. I will post as much on my new blog, which I will not blogwhore here. I am not a bad person. You may think of me as such, but I try to be who I am. Imperfect, yes, and emotional, true, but never anti-feminism.

  5. whiztle on

    Hmmm. I’m not convinced by the above apology because more time is spent on justifying the behaviour than apologising. Then there’s the mispelling on Delphyne’s name. And the use of the word ‘whoring’. You’ve got some way to go Jack. That’s without even going into the fact that you pornify your partner.

  6. whiztle on

    Awww. Look at the size of my whiztle – it’s dinky!

  7. stormcloud on

    Whiztle – I think I’m in agreement with you. The term blogwh*ring is not terribly nice. My avatar will probably look dinky as well – must be the template.

  8. jackgoff on

    I apologize for my typos, though that doesn’t excuse poor proofreading. And nothing can excuse my ignorance. That phrase was not created by me, but it is demeaning and I will no longer use it.

    As for having a way to go, you don’t know the half of it.

  9. stormcloud on

    “As for having a way to go, you don’t know the half of it.”

    Jack, and surely you must know that Stormy is not your greatest fan (esp after the ‘go to hell’ aimed at one hell of a fabulous feminist), I can forgive the typos – we all make them (I rely too much on a spell checker these days) – however, whenever I have seen you in the pornwars, you have always been on the ‘pro’ side, so I don’t see how you can say you are ‘anti-porn’. This is probably why I side with Whiztle, and distrust your sincerity.

    What I demand of pro-feminist men is that they be totally anti-porn, and sadly, because of the pornified climate, this does include ‘erotica’ as well (for a variety of reasons, but the prime one is whether or not coercion has taken place).

    Until you eradicate porn/erotica from your life, and take the (complete) anti-porn stance, I will always have this distrust.

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