Dick Masterson – dick by name, dick by nature

Dick Masterson | dickmasterson@gmail.com | menarebetterthanwomen.com |

Crime: Persistent misogynist messages to the Speakout blog.

Give it up dick.
You bore me.


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  1. sparklematrix on

    He is boring, incredibly boring drone humm drone humm zzzzz

  2. stormcloud on

    I agree with Sparkle and Trollbuster – he is BORING. *yawn*

    Crawl back under your bridge Dick.

  3. Laurelin on

    oh goddess, not this guy again. he’s desperately trying to get as many women as possible to see his site which says on it ‘women don’t read this’ or something. Or it did several months ago when he slithered onto my site. Bleh.

  4. Grace on

    I’ve just come to this link after looking back over my old posts and comments – I just thought he was hilariously contradictive…kettles and pots came to mind!

    I know I shouldn’t have allowed his comments but I felt like an argument and I wasn’t going to let him tell me that my job was worthless when there are people in the same position as me who are 30 years older than me and have taken something in the region of a £12k pay cut to do it!

    I will be taking a look around, ready for any more trolls who come my way!

  5. Polly Styrene on

    Ah well trollbuster, thanks to a few minutes spent on google, as explained over at Sparks’s all becomes clear. This is all Dickie boy’s attempt at ‘viral marketing’. Having observed no doubt the high meeja profile of femi blogs (though he seems to have missed out the queen of media profile Ms Charliegrrl, or maybe she just sent back her usual ‘piss off’), he thought this was a brilliant way to market his godawful book and become a meeja star. Doesn’t seem to be working out too well does it Dickie boy, though you are gaining a lot of well insane MRA fans…

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