IeriWinner – gross stupidity and pointlessness

IeriWinner_3 | | IP:
IeriWinner_7 | | IP:
IeriWinner_25 | | IP:
IeriWinner_20 | | IP:
IeriWinner_53 | | IP:
IeriWinner_27 | | IP:
IeriWinner_63 | | IP:
IeriWinner_83 | | IP:
IeriWinner_41 | | IP:

Crime: Gross stupidity and pointlessness.

This troll just puts its links to Google, and promotes it’s blog as Google, using the same message:

HI! I’ve have similar topic at my blog! Please check it..

Trollbuster advice: Delete on sight, better still – mark as SPAM if you have Akismet


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