Dan Factor  and Voices of Reason IP

[29/12/06 I’ve editied this post since realising that many bloggers come under the above IP address] 

 Below are some frequent Trolls

 Voice of Reason

“Ur just a bunch of ugly fat skanks on their period”

Dan Factor  

who criticises me for taking photos of men who read porn, cos I’m imposing my views on him boo hoo! He is a persistant troll, sending me at least one deriding comment a day, and emailing me privately.

He has just nominated me Twat of the Year 2006 on Moron Farmers. What an honour! But more seriously, he referrs to the feminist direct action on charliegrrl blog as sex terrorism and ‘one step away from the taliban’.

From his profile on a messageboard, I’ve gathered that he lives in London, born 1st Aug 1979 , and supports his local football club Leyton Orient and Arsenal.


7 comments so far

  1. Kevin on and are the IP addresses of a Tor exit node. Many people using the Tor network may appear to have the same IP address due to this fact.

    For example, I’ve been getting a lot of comment spam from this IP address over the last few days, but since I live in China, where wordpress.com is blocked, regular readers of my blog living in China generally use Tor to access it, and their comments show up from too. This is annoying, because it means that I can’t just blacklist the range of IP addresses.

  2. charliegrrl on

    Thankyou- you have just solved a mystery for me!

    So this could mean I have several men commenting abuse everyday rather than just one sick bastard.

  3. […] It seems that other WordPress.com users have been affected by this lately too. […]

  4. stormcloud on

    Thanks Kevin,
    However, I don’t use Tor, and even my own comments seem to be coming from this IP.

  5. Laurelin on

    congratulations for winning such an honour with the MoronFarmers, Trollbuster! The more they throw their toys out of the pram, the more we know we’re getting somewhere! :p

  6. sparklematrix on

    Laurelin did you know that you got the “nutter watch” mention a while ago? Heh! 🙂

  7. simplywondered on

    actually dan factor (max’s little bro) sounds rather amusing and moron farmers (are they morons who farm or are they growing morons – a type of small melon i think – under some new eu regulation?)strikes me as a hoot. i shall go there and be disillusioned by what a waste of a good post-punk name they are. i wouldn’t mind winning twat of the second but nobody seems to care enough even to nominate me – tho some have suggested i deserve such an honour.
    thanks trolbuster – a valuable public service; the more universal the mockery of the truly crap excuses for human beings that can’t come out with better abuse than the sad examples above, the better this world will become. and the real daisy puke is cool.

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