I’m guessing about 12 years old

“It’s annoying feminists like yourself that deserve to die in a fire. 🙂 Please go to hell you bitch and never get laid.”

Gives fake email addy, name of “Shawn Meyer”, IP:

The use of a smiley emoticon after telling me to “die in a fire” is particularly troubling, showing this person to probably be someone who would be a serial killer – if he weren’t so cowardly that he is reduced to only attacking people from behind the imagined anonymity of his keyboard.


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  1. stormy on

    “…and never get laid.”

    One can tell that this is an MRA (yeah, probably 12 years old!) whereby ‘getting laid’ is the be-all end-all of his existance. When radfems threaten his patriarchy-given ‘right’ to unlimited sexual access of wimmin and children, he feels entitled to threaten and harrass those who oppose his world view, of course, big man that he is, hiding behind the anonymity to threaten wimmin just proves what a worthless, cowardly, moron that he is.

    In a word; loser.

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