About Trollbuster


Due to the number of trolls surfacing on the feminist blogosphere, a new superhero was magically generated to fight this evil blight on humanity – me! To call trollbuster, just say the words “who ya gunna call?” and start humming the music. Trollbuster will swoop in, aided in flight by the power of her bingo wings (pictured)…

Trollbuster likes mating, but gives new meaning to “giving head”.

Trollbuster’s services are only available for the protection of anti-pornstitution radical feminists (those listed on the blogroll).


When Trollbuster initially morphed into her superhero form, she patrolled the rad-feminist blogosphere wittily dispatching the trolls she encountered. As you can imagine, Trollbuster became very, very busy. When she has time, she will continue this service.

However, as an expedient solution, Trollbuster magically generated her own ‘superblog’ in order to deal with trolls.

Trollbuster has decided to name and shame the trolls, usually without bothering to publish their vile misogynistic words.


4 comments so far

  1. profacero on

    What a great blog concept! 🙂

  2. Grace on

    I have a troll to bust – not sure if he’s been around before but someone with the email address lloydbradford@hotmail.co.uk (IP: left a comment on my blog posing as Daisy Puke and said “FUCK YOU, YOU FILTHY WHORE” – I have emailed Daisy to let her know, but he may be doing the rounds.

    He may have just been throwing a random insult at me on my latest post OR he may have been specifically offended by my [latest] post about a book related to the International Men’s Network (and why I feel that the network is uneccessary as christian men rule most of the world).

    Love this blog generally and the awareness that you raise!

  3. weitheiml on


  4. Lara on

    Could I possibly send you an IP address of someone that has sent me or another blogger threatening messages? I want to be able to identify the harasser.

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